• Mayhem's mask is black, and the stars are bright, and the sea is dark and deep...
  • But some strike team I know is safe and snug and they're drifting off to sleep.
In Boulder Hill, A fleet of vehicles. No quicker than a jet! Out on an ocean, far away from land... Take the little sail down, light the little light. This is a way to the garden in the night...

N.I.G.H.T. crusaders,

Working all the time,

Fighting crime,

Fighting crime!

Secret raiders

who will neutralize

As soon as they arrive (at the site)!

Pakka's gonna lead the mission,

And Ogpog's got such super vision...



Is the mighty power that can save the day,



No one knows what lies beyond their masquerades,



Always riding on Venom's trail,

Come see the laser rays,

Fly away!


  • Nick Kellington as Iggle Piggle
  • Rebecca Hyland as Upsy Daisy
  • Justyn Towler as Makka Pakka
  • The Ninky Nonk
  • The Pinky Ponk
  • The Pontipines
  • Andy Wareham, Issac Blake/Holly Denoon, & Elisa Laghi as the Tombliboos
  • The Haahoos

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